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Tennessee Theater (Color) | Knoxville, TN

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve had several inquiries from friends and family requesting a color version of my original Tennessee Theater photograph. If you remember, the original was processed in Black & White.  So, here ya go! :~)

A very special “Thank You” to all my flickr, facebook and [my&yours] blog friends for the wonderful comments.  You’re the best! 

Due to the favorable responses and inquiries regarding availability, pricing and sizes for prints, I’m in the process of setting up both versions for sale. As of today, I still haven’t made a decision if Tennessee Theater will be made available as an “Open Edition” or “Limited Edition” print?  Once the decision has been made I will update this posting.  Both the color and B&W version will then be made available on my fine-art website Jim Servies | Originals™ and my portfolio website jimservies.com.  If you would rather contact me from here just click the “Contact” link at the top of this page. 

Again, I truly appreciate all the kind words and feedback.   

Your friend,

Jim <><


Tennessee Theater Color Knoxville TN

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Charlie | A Self Portrait

Tonight was a first for me.  I took to the streets for a one light self-portrait session. This was also my first attempt doing an evening self-portrait in a public venue. Pretty cool actually and somewhat eventful.

After driving to several locations I settled on Market Street in downtown Knoxville. Within 10 minutes of being on location I met Charlie, a homeless Vietnam Vet.  In fact, he’s sitting next to me in many of the photos below.  I have to admit I was a bit nervous having all this gear out in the open without any assistance, especially at night.  The good news… Charlie turned out to be a great guy although not quite all there.

Overall, a very good time and experience tonight.  I definitely learned some new things and that I need a better system of setting up and tearing down.  Speaking of tearing down… Unfortunately, in my haste and with Charlie getting a little too weird, I didn’t have time for a Strobist photo / diagram like I’d hoped. Next time for sure!

Enjoy the photos below and please feel free to let me know your thoughts & ideas.


Camera Info:

Nikon D300 | 85mm ƒ1.4D | 1/10s @ƒ/1.4 | ISO 200 | Manfrotto Tripod

Strobist Info:

Nikon SB-900 | 1/4 CTO |  1 / 128TH @ 17mm | Westcott 43&quot; Silver Umbrella (feathered) | Camera Right @ 6′ | Camera 10′ | Triggered (2) Pocket Wizard II’s

20100119d300_self portrait market square_charlie

cool sepia version-0240 (blog post)

self-portrait_relaxing-0269 (blog post)

relaxed ver2-2bw (blog post)_relax

relaxed ver2-1 (blog post)_relax

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Josh, Robin & … A Clown?

What a beautiful day to “clown around” and have some fun.  And you know me… fun-on-location photo sessions is what I’m about!  Remember, life’s way too short to go around grumpy all the time. Having a good time is just part of the deal. Fortunately, Josh and Robin share the same outlook on life so I knew we would have a blast and we did!

What a great couple Josh and Robin make.  Robbin and I consider it an honor to be called their friends.  From the few photos I’m posting today you’ll soon agree they were meant to be together.

Thank you Josh and Robin for such a memorable day and allowing me to share a few of your photos. You are a blessing indeed.

Before we move on there’s something else I would like to share. One part I really enjoy about “on-location” photography, especially in a public setting, is what you may encounter. However, today it wasn’t a “what” but a “whom“.  More in a minute…

Because our session was planned on short notice we decided a quick trip to Market Square (Downtown Knoxville) would be perfect. I’ve shot on-location there before and had great success – so off we went.  As for the “whom” part…

While walking around scouting a good location we came upon a clown.  Yes, a real live clownPERFECT!

Within minutes I was firing off shots while Josh and Robin were blowing bubbles and goofing around with our new found friend. Like I said, you never know what you’ll encounter ( a clown … really?) but 99% of the time it’s usually  positive depending how you handle it.   And today our fun-loving, spontaneous new friend (seriously, a clown – I’m not making this up)  made the session not only memorable but the entire process fun and relaxing. That, in a nutshell, is why I love shooting on-location.  The unexpected moments that not only make lasting memories but real photographs that show your true personality.

See when we let our guard down and just be ourselves the resulting photographs reveal it. Any photographer worth his / her salt thrives on such an occurrence ( I’m not kidding … A Clown!)  That’s why I love coming to your home (you do have clowns at your house, right?), a neighbors backyard or public venues because we become much more relaxed and it’s much easier to capture that magical photograph and moment.  And when that happens the “real” you comes out.

So keep that in mind when booking a photographer. Find someone ( like me – wink ;~) )  that enjoys people, kids, pets, trying new things and just being outdoors capturing the real you. Whether that’s photographing your kids in the backyard or heaven forbid blowing bubbles with a clown. :~)  Don’t believe the real you can be captured in your backyard?  Then please check out this post. The location was my backyard and the photographs are of my daughter Savannah Grace and my son Eli, a few days after he got his new John Deere Tractor.  Priceless.

Please feel free to contact me anytime and we’ll capture “Your Blessings … Forever Kept” – unless you’re scared of Clowns that is! :~)

Fantastic photos Josh and Robin!  I’m so excited to get them processed and sent over.  And thanks again for a wonderful day. You’re the best!

Your friend,


On with the show…

Josh Robin Clown Blog Series 2 Told you there was a Clown!

Josh Robin Blog Series 5 What a great looking couple!  Always laughing and smiling.

Josh Portrait1

One of my favorites … Classic Josh.

Josh Robin Blog Series 4

I love the expression on Robin’s face.  I can’t believe I caught the bubble perfectly over her eye. Man I’m good. Ha!  Pure luck!

Josh Robin Clown Blog Series 3

I had to save this one for last.  It is probably one of my all-time favorite “couple” photographs.

The mood and obvious love and affection… Thanks guys!

And finally a fun one…

Josh Robin Clown Blog Series Pastel

Title: Clowning Around by Ms. Bubbles :~)

If you didn’t read the post then this title won’t mean near as much.

Have A Great Day!

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Tennessee Theater | Knoxville, TN

I originally posted this on my flickr account , jimservies | photography and thought it would make a good blog entry for today. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did shooting it.

Thanks for stopping by today!

Shot Info:
Nikon D300 | Tokina 11-16 (16mm) ƒ/2.8 (1/2s ƒ/2.8) | ISO 200 | Post-processing: Adobe Lightroom 2.5

Best Viewed Large on Black (Click Here)

There are so many great photos of Gay Street and the Tennessee Theater that I found it difficult to put my perspective and “DNA” on something new. Many admired photographers have produced inspiring photos of Gay Street and the Tennessee Theater that I’m hesitant to even post this. And honestly, I’m just not sure how I feel about it at this moment?

I set out early (5:00 a.m.) last Thursday morning (01-07-10) in the freezing cold (15°) snowy weather to hopefully find a desolate downtown Knoxville. Of course, I did. I mean really, who in their right mind would go out in such crazy conditions? Me! :~)

My hope was to produce a color version of a somewhat snowy Gay Street, remaining Christmas Lights and definitely include the Tennessee Theater signage. Of the sixty or so shots I made, I still wasn’t totally satisfied with the results. And basically, my near frost-bit hands had enough. I know … Sissy. :~)

This high-contrast B/W version (color version available) is the one I like the best – at least for today. I hope you enjoy it too. Please see links below for more information.

Thanks for viewing.


Historic Tennessee Theater

National Register of Historic Places

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Reflections | Knoxville Riverside

One of my all time favorite photographs. To download as a desktop background just go to my photostream on Flickr and select “All Sizes” (top of photo).

Hope you enjoy the photo and the funny story that accompanies it.

Thanks for viewing!


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