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Blessed . . .
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Thank you so much for entrusting me to capture your most special moments.  Most importantly, thank you for supporting Jim Servies Photography and our global mission efforts.  Robbin and I truly value your friendship and love each of you dearly.

Below are some of the kindest words I have ever heard and read.  Blessed indeed – Jim Servies



Your words … supporting His Word … Thank you!

In choosing Jim to create and capture your special ‘life moments” you are getting so much more than a pro photographer or supporting an eternal cause…

“I absolutely love your pictures. The work you do with light is wonderful.  Whether animals or people you are great at capturing expressions. Your portraits are breathtaking … Your landscapes make me feel like I am there.”  Keep up the good work!”Carolyn Harrison | Knoxville, TN

“A man of strong faith, Jim loves everyone and truly considers the life God has given him a genuine blessing. That love is revealed in all his work – from incredible portraits to his Fine Art prints. When you’re on a session with Jim – it’s all about you!  Jim is gifted, knowledgeable, easy to relax around, absolutely passionate about perfection and never stops short of exceeding client’s expectations. Hire Jim for your session – you won’t regret it!”
Shanna Browning | Knoxville, TN 

“And, it’s true… You do absolutely amazing work!  I love looking at your photographs, especially what you do in and around Ftn. City. I love the black and white ones.  It brings back such good times.” – Alice Boyer | Universal City, TX

“I have had the privilege of not only having wonderful photographs taken by Jim Servies, but he is one of my great friends. His personality reflects his work, he is a caring and giving friend and it comes through in his work. Every photograph he does seems to have a great story on the surface, and underneath another is hiding. Truly, the talented work of someone who knows how to capture the images we all would love to see over and over again”
Josh Dunn | Knoxville, TN

“In the photos Jim takes of his children, you can see their love for Dad in their eyes. He captures that emotion and I have to smile every time I look at them” Angel Fisher | Knoxville, TN

“I just wanted to take a moment to comment on your work…I have walked and been blessed to observe firsthand many of the venues represented in your landscape images. Your photos gracefully capture the formal elements and visceral sensibilities of place and time with a clarity that, frankly, makes me feel nostalgic. Thank you for your excellent efforts. I look forward to seeing more.” – Jeff Van Fossen | Buffalo, NY

Colleague Testimonials

One of the highest honors is to have your work both praised and critiqued by fellow colleagues.

To add a more realistic level of authenticity of Jim’s work, please visit Jim Servies Photography on flickr where Jim is an active member.  The comments under Jim’s photographs are unsolicited and come from amateur, semi-professional and professional photographers.  The respect and admiration from fellow photographers is a tremendous honor to Jim and his feelings for them is equally mutual.

Please note, flickr is a photo community Jim participates for personal and professional work and a terrific venue for learning more about photography.  Not all photographs Jim provides on flickr are available within his galleries as they are more for personal and community enjoyment.