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Let me start by saying this post is long overdue!  My apologies.  Without going into “geek – mode” and explaining
all that has transpired the past two weeks Imgreeneshoot_jimserviesphotography-2 (Medium) just have two words – Back Up!  As in, make sure you have all your precious photo and video memories saved on your computer backed up not just to one location but two and more if possible. Trust me on this as it saved my bacon.  

Sixteen days ago, I lost two hard-drives – one on my server and another on a 8 month old laptop within two days.  Yes, two days!  And yes, one drive from a practically brand new “high-end” laptop.  It happens.  Fortunately, I have a robust backup system in place that saved all my data.  Why so long to get back up?  Mainly because I implemented a few important changes along the way and, restoring 40K+ photographs plus thousands of personal documents takes time – a lot of time.  Not to mention tracking down the original problems.  I’m just thankful no files were lost in the scary process.  So what does this have to to with the beautiful photographs below…

The day after Christmas I had the wonderful opportunity to shoot a session with some dear friends Gail, Derek and family. Normally, I try my best to get proofs uploaded to a private gallery as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, my drives started failing the day after our shoot.  About day 10 of my computer nightmare I thought I had everything solved and was successful getting their gallery online. Shwooo … thankfully.  However, that evening my laptop drive went down … you get the idea.  The most important part is that we’re back up and running and all I can say is

THANK YOU Gail and Derek for your unbelievable patience and friendship. Love you guys!

Before I forget … A big congratulations to Derek for being named the Head Coach of the women’s soccer team at Vanderbilt University. A well deserved honor!  Now, let’s get to some of my favorites of this beautiful family. Blessed indeed!  


20111226d700_dggreeneshoot2011_jimserviesphotography_6888 (Medium)20111226d700_dggreeneshoot2011_jimserviesphotography_6939-Edit-2 (Medium)

20111226d700_dggreeneshoot2011_jimserviesphotography_6961-Edit (Medium)20111226d700_dggreeneshoot2011_jimserviesphotography_7000-Edit (Medium)20111226d700_dggreeneshoot2011_jimserviesphotography_7035 (Medium)20111226d700_dggreeneshoot2011_jimserviesphotography_7079-Edit (Medium)20111226d700_dggreeneshoot2011_jimserviesphotography_7164 (Medium)20111226d700_dggreeneshoot2011_jimserviesphotography_7176-Edit (Medium)20111226d700_dggreeneshoot2011_jimserviesphotography_7233-Edit (Medium)20111226d700_dggreeneshoot2011_jimserviesphotography_7246-Edit (Medium)20111226d700_dggreeneshoot2011_jimserviesphotography_7286-Edit-Edit (Medium)20111226d700_dggreeneshoot2011_jimserviesphotography_7310 (Medium)20111226d700_dggreeneshoot2011_jimserviesphotography_7324 (Medium)20111226d700_dggreeneshoot2011_jimserviesphotography_7363 (Medium)20111226d700_dggreeneshoot2011_jimserviesphotography_7412 (Medium)

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