Mr. M … A Bundle of Blessings!

Last weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph my new buddy “M” and his wonderful parents, Gail and Derek.  I’ve been blessed to photograph Gail and Derek previously and just as before we had a blast. Only this time around we made sure it was much warmer outside to insure my Texas blooded friend (Gail) didn’t literally shoot me. Boy, was it bitter cold last year! :~)

Derek and Gail are proud parents of a healthy and beautiful 2 month old which we’ll refer to as “M”. What a blessing it was for me to photograph “M” and his awesome parents. Amazing!   Rather than me go on and on like I normally do just see for yourself how beautiful this family is. But before you do please take a brief moment to share in some exciting news and how your support can change lives worldwide as Derek and Gail’s will.  

Although the official announcement is forthcoming (new blog post soon) this was my first shoot where 50% of all jimservies | photography profits will go to either personal mission work / trips or sent to approved mission organizations locally and/ or worldwide.

Since finishing the book  “Radical” by David Platt (2nd time through), I have been blessed (beyond measure), convicted and liberated to finally find His purpose for my photography; spreading the Gospel to the remote corners of the earth, feeding the poor and whatever is His purpose and will.

My experience comes after a lot of soul-searching and patiently (sometimes not so patient) and prayerfully waiting to hear God’s word.  And now that I’ve realized “my / His purpose” the question that keeps coming to mind is – Isn’t serving God and His command to “Make Disciples”, share the Gospel, feed the poor, take care of orphans and widows the most pressing matter and purpose in our lives?  I think so.  But enough for now, stay tuned for the official “Radical” announcement. 

Gail and DerekThank you so much for the opportunity and to meet your bundle of blessings.  I am so honored you chose me for such an important milestone in your life.  I am equally honored and thankful for your friendship and support of my efforts of faith. I know without hesitation you both will be / are awesome parents. As a parent with toddlers, I totally understand where you are – busy and sometimes stressful lives and a new baby.  Just hang in there and trust God to help you through those sometimes frustrating and difficult days.  All it takes for me is that sweet smile or hug and everything’s put in the proper perspective.  Our children are His and on loan to us for a very short time … Enjoy every minute of it!

Now go enjoy the photos of precious M.  If like me, you’ll be blessed indeed.  Thank you so much Derek and Gail! – Jim <><




Greene-111 Greene-27

 Greene-13Greene-118 Greene-71


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Gail - Well hopefully our little “M” will grow to be as kind-hearted and sweet as Gracie and Eli :) Thanks Jim

Sherri Lee Gentry - Jim-
Your photography is amazing. You have an eye for the seen and unseen beauty. God has truly blessed you with a talented gift.

Jim - Thank you so much Sherri! You are too kind. God indeed receives all the glory!

I’m so glad you caught the website / blog live. I’m still in redesign mode so it’s not always available. I have more tweaking to do before “officially” going live, so if you come back and can’t access the website that’s why.

Thanks again Sherri!

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