Letter to Eli…

I wanted to share a little of my life with you today since this blog is aptly titled “[mylife & yours]” so here goes…

Tonight, like most nights, I’m sitting at the computer. Except tonight I’m not editing photos or answering emails but sitting here staring at the screen with a little sadness in my heart trying to figure out what to put on this page.  

Tomorrow morning, my very best bud, Eli (my 3 yr. old son) will start his first day of Preschool.  He is so excited, as am I for him.  I know I sound silly and it’s “only preschool” but for some odd reason an overwhelming rush of emotions hit me this evening.  Partly, I guess is because unlike many Dad’s, I have been blessed with the good fortune to keep our kids full time two days a week while Mom works.  So, I guess the reality of him not being here on “my days” sunk in?

The last three years have been the most rewarding and exhausting of my life.  Two babies fourteen months apart, will do that to you.  Side Note: NEVER in a million years would I ever imagined I would spend the majority of my daytime hours raising Eli and Gracie in the bathroom! :~)   I can hear the Moms laughing out loud right now.  You know what I’m talking about. 

I have a true appreciation for those of you with one, two, three or ten kids and especially you single parents out there.  God bless you all!   I can’t pinpoint what it is, maybe being older, ex-military, a male or spending the previous 14 years running a corporation and working 60-70 hour weeks? But, something made it a little more difficult for me to adjust to being home full time those two days?  The combination or whatever was definitely an adjustment for me.  Probably something about “being in control” is partly to blame too?  

Anyway, tomorrow is a very exciting day for both Eli and myself.  Yes, I’m really-really going to miss my best bud tomorrow but I know in my heart it’s the best thing for the both of us.  So…

To Eli:  One day you may come back and read this and when you do please know Dad will miss you immensely tomorrow.  I love you more than you’ll ever know and I’m so very proud to be your Dad.  You truly amaze me with your abilities (at such a young age), and especially your kind-heartedness and good manners. I know your teachers, like your mother and I, will find you a joy to be around.  Go have a the best time tomorrow and knock them out with your beautiful smile and personality – like you have me the past three years.  Son, you are a true gift from God and blessing in my life.

I love you!,

Dad <><

To my readers: Thank you for sharing this moment with me.  Enjoy the photos and thanks for the ear!

 UPDATE: Of course, I got up early and snapped a few photos of Eli getting ready for school.  See the last photo below for the collage. 

20090725d300_eli gracie dons house_6837  20081105_d80__eli backyard_237320080722d80_eli & gracie_2005 Facebook_A Few of my Favorites  (8 of 19) Mesmerized


Facebook_A Few of my Favorites  (2 of 9)

20100123d300_eli_gracie_fun_0598 20091119d300_eli_gracie_misc_7423



20090307d300_eli john deere_4700

Love Ya Sis 8x10


Eli First Day Preschool Collage

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Dad - That’s an Awesome Letter. Kay and I read this and nearly cried.
We are so Proud of you and your family. Love, Dad

Jerry Kibler - Sorry to say I was never in that position when my two started school. Too busy out making a living for the family, later learned the family is more important than the job.

Thanks for sharing.


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