Charlie | A Self Portrait

Tonight was a first for me.  I took to the streets for a one light self-portrait session. This was also my first attempt doing an evening self-portrait in a public venue. Pretty cool actually and somewhat eventful.

After driving to several locations I settled on Market Street in downtown Knoxville. Within 10 minutes of being on location I met Charlie, a homeless Vietnam Vet.  In fact, he’s sitting next to me in many of the photos below.  I have to admit I was a bit nervous having all this gear out in the open without any assistance, especially at night.  The good news… Charlie turned out to be a great guy although not quite all there.

Overall, a very good time and experience tonight.  I definitely learned some new things and that I need a better system of setting up and tearing down.  Speaking of tearing down… Unfortunately, in my haste and with Charlie getting a little too weird, I didn’t have time for a Strobist photo / diagram like I’d hoped. Next time for sure!

Enjoy the photos below and please feel free to let me know your thoughts & ideas.


Camera Info:

Nikon D300 | 85mm ƒ1.4D | 1/10s @ƒ/1.4 | ISO 200 | Manfrotto Tripod

Strobist Info:

Nikon SB-900 | 1/4 CTO |  1 / 128TH @ 17mm | Westcott 43" Silver Umbrella (feathered) | Camera Right @ 6′ | Camera 10′ | Triggered (2) Pocket Wizard II’s

20100119d300_self portrait market square_charlie

cool sepia version-0240 (blog post)

self-portrait_relaxing-0269 (blog post)

relaxed ver2-2bw (blog post)_relax

relaxed ver2-1 (blog post)_relax

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