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Hello friends!

Just a quick note today to share a few personal photos.  Before I forget, if any of you are on facebook please be sure to look me up here.  I started a new photography exercise over there entitled By Jim: Photos of the Day (UPDATE: This has become Photo of the Whenever I can :~) )in an effort to get back behind the lens a little more.  Lately, it seems I’m behind the computer screen doing re-touches, edits, etc. a lot more than I like. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy the post-production process (say that fast five times :~) I just enjoy having the camera in my hands much more. Oh well, it comes with the territory.

Anyway back on track about today’s post.  Since this blog is about my life and yours it’s only appropriate I share a few of the blessings in my life too. As mentioned in the inaugural welcome post, I want to include some personal posts, stories and photographs from time to time. Hopefully, without boring you. :~) So, let’s begin the new year with a few of my family.  Enjoy.

By the way, Happy New Year! :)

My Life

Robbin and I are so blessed to have two healthy children, Eli and Savannah Grace.  The joy they bring to our lives is unexplainable.

The first set of photographs are of my two year old son Eli.  What a load of fun this kid is! He is all boy and loves to rough-house with Dad. I’m not sure who has more fun, Eli or Dad?  Eli is such a loving little boy and never meets a stranger.  And boy does he love his new little sister.

Mylife.post2.faces of eli []

The photographs below are the two favorite girls in my life.  Robbin, my wife and best friend of 15+ years is as beautiful as the day we met.  Honestly, I think she is more beautiful today as a mother. She’s kept that mother’s “glow” thing from pregnancy. :~)  My 10 month old little girl, Savannah Grace, is my little angel and baby doll.  I’ve heard many people tell me she actually looks like a real baby doll.  Look at the last photograph of this post.  I tend to agree. She’s definitely Daddy’s little girl and stole his heart.

Mylife.post2.savannah grace []

Mylife.post2.graciedoll [800x600]

I hope you enjoyed a little of my life today as much as I’ve enjoyed sharing.  Have a great day today and remember - I would be glad to help keep “Your Blessings … Forever Kept”.

Jim <><

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